Price: $16.00

Metatarsal Pads

Get instant relief for Morton's neuroma, forefoot calluses and burning pain in the balls of your feet!

These soft felt metatarsal pads will ease pain in the ball of foot due to painful Morton’s neuromas and symptoms caused by metatarsalgia, forefoot calluses and sesamoiditis.The self adhesive 1/4 inch thick felt pads will fit inside any style of shoe or they can be applied to the bottom of your foot or attached inside your shoes.  They work by redistributing the pressure off of your forefoot (ball of the foot) and properly supporting and realigning your metatarsal bones and crooked toes (hammer toes).  Sold 10 pads per bag.  Only $16.00

One size fits all:
$16.00 / 10 per bag
All natural wool felt:
Great for sensitive skin
Comes with detailed instructions

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