Price: $14.95

Dr. Christopher’s Cayenne Ointment

All Natural Healing Ointment.

Dr Christopher’s Cayenne Heat Ointment will provide quick heel pain relief for plantar fasciitis and heel pain due to heel spurs! Simply rub on your sore heels and arches for long lasting relief. This 2 oz. jar will last for over 100 treatments if used as directed (a little goes a long way!) Try it with our Ultimate Heel and Arch Support for instant heel and arch relief!  Also great for ankle, knee, elbow and hand pain.


Product description:

2 oz. jar – A synergistic blend of herbs, pure essential oils and other natural ingredients for stiff necks, sore tissue, muscles and joints. It is made of Extra Virgin Olive oil, Cayenne Pepper (40,000 H.U.), Oil of Wintergreen, Menthol Crystals and other pure essential oils as fragrances.

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