Price: $26.00

Healix Micro Suede Footbeds

Transform you regular shoes into comfort shoes!

Daily Living Microsuede Foot Beds

These footbeds are designed for the active person who needs comfort and control. The insoles are lightweight and composed of VEVA (Vented EVA), which allows heat and moisture to move away from the foot over a wide area. The addition of the ThermoM Arch Shell provides support and stability for pronation and supination. Arch shell will help keep foot, ankle and knee properly aligned.

Unique properties include:

    Anti-odor, Anti-microbial & Anti-fungalStrong wicking properties absorb and quickly move moisture away from the skinNon-allergenicEco-Friendly and naturally biodegradableGreat for walking, hiking, running shoes and casual shoesSold in pairs

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