I have messed around with the pain from heel spurs for about 18 months. I have tried everything in the drugstores and even some orthopedic shoe stores. I figure that I have spent about $350 on inserts and shoes just trying to get back to my running. Some products provided very minor relief but your Ultimate Heel & Arch Support are the best! I got relief within a couple of days and was back to running in 7 days.

--Dave C., Austin , TX

Thanks for all your help, Jack. You’re the greatest! You’ve restored my faith in human integrity and kindness. Best, Jane

--Jane P.,

I ordered a pair about a month ago and I am now pain free. After 18 months of heel pain misery I am finally able to run comfortably again. Great product.

--Richard K., Ontario, Canada

Footworks simply has the most outstanding customer service of any online company that I have ever done business with. Unfortunately, the Footworks orthotics were too firm for my hypersensitive feet. Yet I have no doubt that they are the cure for the majority of people with plantar fasciitis! Amazingly, Footworks continued to help me after I returned their orthotics by giving me the names of local business that sell custom and off-the-shelf orthotics. So I still have hope that I can cure my PF. My advice to anyone is to try the Footworks orthotics. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

--Tricia M.

Thank you for the great product and speedy shipping

--Janna T., Washington, DC

Your orthotics have worked wonders for my husband plantar fasciitis. He has stopped complaining about his heel pain in the morning and he is back to running 3 times a week.

--Lisa Z., Austin, TX

I just wanted to say that your “night time therapy” (Plantar FXT) and The Ultimate Heel and Arch Support did the trick! I have tried just about everything available from custom orthotics to drug store products with little results. Your orthotic is hands down the most effective support I have found. I will recommend your product to my patients.

Thank you!

--Dr. John W., L.A., CA

Four days into wearing your orthotics and I feel great!

--Mary H., Dayton, OH

I will recommend your product to all my running buddies! Thanks for all the help Jack!

--James W., Tampa, FL

Thank you for helping me get back into walking. My heel pain is gone and I have increased my milage by 5 miles per week. Your orthotics were a great investment.

--Douglas S., L.A., CA

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